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Appletree Creations

Appletree Creations are original hand carved farm animals, and some wildlife. Wood is white pine, some added dowels & hardwood. Our standard is farm animals, with some related wildlife. Occasionally fish, whales, loons, and ducks. This is a work of love, a way to develop an original concept of an animal and improve on patience. it can be fun at times, and a challenge to put an idea on paper, design it, develop a pattern, and work the piece to a point of being acceptable (is perfect). It may take two or three times through to create the correct "look", the proof is in the finished product.

Once together, (some pieces have three, four, five or more parts) its roughed out, carved by handheld tools, rough and fine sanded, seams filled if needed, sealed, base painted, crackle added, final paint, stencilled if needed, antiqued with a two part stain, a dry seal is then applied. There is approximately sixteen steps, and up to seven or eight hours in each piece. We started with flatware-relief carved, went a little thicker and blocky then to what you now see - an original hand carved piece.


Frank & Elaine Valletta

Elaine Valletta- Bachelor of Art - Syracuse University

Frank Valletta - Bachelor of Science - SUNY Cortland